Inspired by @JustineNicole's list of the same name, but less spot-on 👗👛👠
  1. Annie Banks's wedding dress
    Obsessed with this dress and this film and this wedding. To this day I want a winter wedding like Annie and Brian's.
  2. Sabrina Fairchild's Givenchy gown
    So much envy.
  3. Jenna Rink's slip dress and coat
    Jenna's entire wardrobe changed my life. You can read up on it in this list- RANKING JENNA RINK'S OUTFITS IN 13 GOING ON 30.
  4. Lisa Carol Fremont's black and white dress
    We had Rear Window on DVD when I was younger, and it cemented Grace Kelly as forever fashion inspo in my mind.
  5. Fairy Godmother's gold ensemble
    I may have a bias towards fairy godmothers, having been a "fairy godmother-in-training" myself at Walt Disney World. But I think it's safe to say this is the most stylish a fairy g's ever been.
  6. Cher Horowitz's most capable outfit
    It's really hard to choose which Clueless outfit left the biggest impression on me but I really love this one. I mean, Cher pulled it off even without her white collarless shirt from Fred Segal.
  7. Cecilia Tallis's green dress
    At the risk of using the most basic "best film costume" example, this gown (from my all time favorite movie- tied with Clueless) is so perfect it had to be included.
  8. Annie James's plaid top and skirt
    Every outfit worn in this film is the height of 90's school-age fashion. You have no idea how many plaid headbands I bought in search of the right Annie James look.
  9. Sam Baker's bridesmaid dress
    That pre-Coachella pastel flower crown! I loved it almost as much as I loved Jake Ryan.
  10. Giselle's curtain dress
    Enchanted is so under-appreciated. Giselle has a classic Disney princess wardrobe, but in REAL LIFE. Beyond obsessed.