His name is James & he's kinda on List App because I made him join... but to my knowledge he's never actually checked it. I'm pretty sure he only follows BJ and NPR. Also, it's his 17th birthday today. This is his present! He'll hate it!!
  1. This was his first ever post, almost 200 weeks ago
    He's very ironic.
  2. Then the backflip stage began
  3. And boy do I mean STAGE
  4. Like
  5. ???
  6. Then he got pretty into wave pictures
    They are mostly captioned "#gopro #goprooftheday"
  7. But a few have real captions
    A Disney reference can you believe?? Very uncharacteristic of him. Very characteristic of me.
  8. His middle school friends were great commenters back in this era
    "Is that a cookie?"
  9. The occasional picture of his dog, Timmy, showed up
    This is captioned "Umm...Heyyyy"
  10. Some throwbacks, too
    He was very cute it's gross
  11. 😢
    It's this post's anniversary I guess.
  12. More upside-down stuff
  13. Then he started high school
  14. His feed became VERY artsy
    What even is this?
  15. I'm so sure...
  16. I'm scared to ask what this is
  17. Most of the time he is being cocky ironically, but you never know.
  18. Oh look it's me on the right
    I was under the impression we were all doing peace signs THANKS A LOT GUYS. This is the only non-throwback post ive appeared in on his Instagram, which I find very insulting.
  19. Captions finally took a turn for the better
    I still can't understand 90% of them but it's fine
  20. Here's another one I understand
    He was in NYC, obviously. This is good.
  21. My favorite post of his ever
    The caption was all him and I'm very proud, but I had the idea to post this on actual Father's Day, so.
  22. Honestly wtf is this though?
    This is what most of his captions are like. What does this mean??? What is #neck?????? What is [out]?? Who are these people??? Why does he go to boarding school so far away from me?
  23. Happy Birthday @jameswolfe ! Please answer my text messages!