I'm already struggling with draftmas. Also: don't recommend working at supermarkets.
  1. The regular who liked to sing
    This older gentlemen came in every. single. day. He always serenaded me with an oldies song, and he'd always add my name in there somewhere. He usually bought weird vegetables that I had trouble identifying.
  2. The vaguely creepy candle guy
    Was always buying candles for his girlfriend, and sometimes a stray ingredient, like a specific kind of spice, to make her dinner. No more than 1 ingredient though- I guess he had the other stuff at home. Always came to my register to he could tell me about his date night plans in explicit detail. Had long hair and was probably 35-ish.
  3. My boss
    We were ordering new shirts when Winn Dixie bought us out. I asked for an extra-small. She said "Are you sure?" Then she apologized and added "I just thought you might be too busty for that."
  4. My trainees
    I gave my notice when I got hired at Disney. When I showed up for my next shift, I was suddenly given a trainee (I had been told absolutely nothing about training someone). I showed her how to use the register, then was given 5 more trainees before I left. They were all very nice. Four were in high school. One was a sweet middle aged lady really who told me about her grandkids.
  5. The guy who threw a cart through the window
    My best story!!!! My shift was over, I was clocked out and closing down my register. A man came up, and I apologized and told him my lane was closed. He was angry. Another cashier (who incidentally, I had a huge crush on- see "THE boy") gestured to me that he had it under control. He offered to check the man out at the next register. Angry guy walked over to him and started YELLING. Cute guy waved for me to walk away. I started to, then angry guy shoved his cart into the window and broke it.
  6. The stalker
    One of the baggers I worked with. Said slightly alarming stuff like "You should go swimming after work today. I know there's a pool where your grandparents' live." (I didn't tell him where they live) Shortly after we met, he said, "My mom thinks we'd make a great couple." Frequently followed me around, implied he would follow me home once (took a detour home that day). When I got hired at Disney, he told me he'd apply to Disney too. Thank god he didn't follow through.
  7. THE boy
    Was basically in love with him by our 2nd day working together. At first he was very quiet, so I assumed he didn't like me. Then he came to my defense when the stalker got a little weird during Winn Dixie orientation. That was the first day he gave me a ride home. He laughed at all my jokes. The next day, we had to stock condoms together. We were friends after that. He drove me home a lot. He waved and made faces through the window at me when he was doing the carts outside. I never confessed 😔
  8. The guy who got really upset about the cleanliness of my register.
    I kept my register as sparkly clean as a grocery register can be. I literally cleaned it all the time- every time no one was in my lane (which was often- we didn't do good business). Once, a piece of onion was left on my register after a guy checked out. The next guy in line was FURIOUS when he saw this small onion piece near his groceries. The baggers laugh-cried about it for ages and made onion jokes all day.
  9. The produce guys
    They were all on my team for orientation week Scattergories (we got bought out by Winn Dixie and had re-orientation when the store got changed over). We won- Scattergories is my favorite game- and got plastic medals. I threw mine in the garbage that afternoon.
  10. The drunkest drunk guys
    I had to refuse to sell alcohol to many a drunk customer, but this group of guys came in who were way beyond. When I refused to sell them their pack of beer, they got belligerent, and my manager and I had to get some guys from the meat department to come over and remove them from the store. Before they were escorted out, one of them came around my side of the register and whispered, "you're beautiful" in my ear.
  11. The extreme couponers
    The scariest people I had to deal with. Maybe scarier than those drunk guys. Some would come with binders full of coupons. One woman bought an entire cart full of Kool-Aid mix- she literally filled the cart to capacity, only with Kool-Aid mix, because she had coupons for it all. They were rarely pleasant and usually aggressive.
  12. The people who just could not grasp what "10 items or less" meant
    Every customer.