Almost 30 flirty & thriving ensembles 💅🏻💄👛
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    Slip dress and polka-dot coat
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    A Look™, if there ever was one. I once found this exact Nanette Lepore coat at a consignment store for like $50, and the fact that I didn't purchase it still haunts me to this day. I have nightmares about it.
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    Striped party dress with purse
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    When Richard the editor-in-chief calls your outfit "scrumdiliumptious," you know it's a success. Perfect for dancing to "Thriller".
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    Embellished top with polka-dot skirt
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    Even 13-year-old Jenna knew the importance of accessorizing (and bra-stuffing). This outfit would be nothing without the beaded scrunchie, star earrings, and white flower belt.
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    Wedding Dress
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    Only Jenna would let a flower necklace steal the show at her wedding.
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    Floral corset top with yellow skirt and rose necklace
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    Everything about this look works, from clothes to jewelry to hair, and I will not rest until I have it in my closet. In an earlier scene, she pairs it with a really cute striped jacket and a tote bag.
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    Patterned dress with ribbon headband
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    After seeing this movie I bought a long pink ribbon and wore it as a headband.
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    Pink cami, cardigan, and skirt
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    You can't really see it in this picture but the cami is embellished with a little rhinestone heart. This is the kind of matchy-matchy-ness you could get away with in 2004. I admire it.
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    Polka dot dress
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    Jenna knows the very best accessory is two arms full of Chanel and Bendel bags.
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    "Love is a Battlefield" pink pajamas
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    "Winter Wonderland" backless silk top
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    Paired with the most killer bun and... maybe a skirt? It's hard to tell.
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    Floral-embroidered top with ribbons and purple skirt
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    The best part is how the ribbon criss-crosses on the sides.
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    Floral top with yellow skirt
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    Same yellow skirt, different ensemble. The clipped up hair is the star of this outfit. And, of course, the ice cream cone.
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    Pink nightgown with feathers
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    A pajama look I would definitely wear. Bonus points for the Cheetos & face mask, my favorite accessories.
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    Red kimono-ish crop top with jeans
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    First worn with the beige jacket on her arm, but stands better on its own.
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    Sleeveless blouse and burgundy skirt
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    This was very classy and festive looking, plus she wore it during the photoshoot with all the balloons.
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    Blue pajamas with fuzzy knit sweater
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    This sweater is a real early 2000s relic.
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    Worn to the bar where Jenna hit on that teenaged boy that looked like a member of the Beckham family. Later paired with a leather jacket.
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    Chopstick outfit sans jacket
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    A step up from the jacketed version 👇🏻
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    Chopstick outfit with beige jacket
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    This is an objectively terrible outfit, but Jenna kind of rocks it. She is the only one who should ever be allowed to wear this.
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    Purple Heart sweater with belted jeans
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    This looks like something Stephanie would wear on full house.
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    Beige jacket with buttoned blouse and bag
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    We don't see much of this ensemble, but Jenna wears it when she completely humiliates Lucy in the elevator. She really likes that beige jacket I guess.
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    Yellow robe
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    Pretty, as far as robes go.
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    Purple tank with headband
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    More headband envy.
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    Blue shirt and jeans with pink converse
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    Casual but stylish, as she cleverly coordinates her shoes to the real-life Jenna dream house.
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    Sweater and pink t-shirt
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    Worn in the morning after staying over her parents'. Possibly the same sweater as the night before (below) but the shirt is a different color.
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    Sweater and jeans
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    Worn upon arriving to her parents' house. Boring.
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    Knit polo and matching red pants.
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    Jenna, I know you can do better than this. And on picture day?? What will the Six Chicks say?