Arguably the weirdest state in the country, but who doesn't love that? 🌴☀️ (DISCLAIMER: I'm not from FL, but I've lived here the last two years)
  1. The swampy weather keeps your skin gorgeous and hydrated.
    Good luck with your hair, though
  2. There's like 8 gazillion places to swim with dolphins.
    Manatees and sea turtles too. If this isn't your priority when searching for a place to live, what are you doing??
  3. You can harass your northerner friends all winter!
    Respond to every cold-weather post with a screenshot of that gorgeous 97-degree forecast on your weather app. This never gets old.
  4. Walt Disney World is the greatest.
    Anyone who tells you otherwise is lying, or has only been there during hellish holiday weeks.
  5. You'll probably make some redneck friends.
    They'll invite you to do stuff like drive trucks through the mud. I've never accepted one of these offers, but it sounds cool and exotic.
  6. Publix supermarkets!!!
    Enough said. Don't shop at Winn Dixie.
  7. You won't be judged for walking around in a bathing suit.
    Even in the dead of winter.
  8. When on an FL-bound plane, you can tell the other passengers you're "just headed home!"
    Revel in their jealousy.