Literally AND figuratively 👒🎩👑🎓
  1. The newsboy look is his go-to
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  2. Sometimes he rocks it in stripes
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  3. He knows the value of an LBH (little black hat)
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  4. Always serving looks from under those stylish brims
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  5. He bought this one at Limited Too, probably
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  6. He doesn't shy away from a fedora
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  7. Ryan is all about a good fedora
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  8. His fedora-shirt pairings are unmatched
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  9. (Exhibit B)
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  10. He has the uncanny ability to make fedoras glam
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  11. And yet, also appropriately casual
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  12. He's not afraid to take risks with his headwear
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  13. (Really not afraid)
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  14. What a lil trendsetter!
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