A lot of my fictional faves get plenty of (well-deserved) attention on this app, but these guys are ❤️ too!
  1. Michael Carrington- Grease 2
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    Sandy's British cousin! Kind of nerdy at first but saves up for a gross old motorcycle to impress Stephanie, because she only dates cool riders, as is clearly stated in the song, "Cool Rider."
  2. Bryan- Don't Tell Mom The Babysitter's Dead
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    Josh Charles is the only celeb crush I have in common with my mother, and I feel weird about it. He played Bryan when he was my age though, so it's OK!!
  3. Jack Hunter- Boy Meets World
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    Believe me, I love Shawn- but have you seen his brother? Jack deserves more credit. When he showed up on Girl Meets World I cried for real.
  4. Prince Topher- Rodgers and Hammerstein's Cinderella
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    Specifically the Broadway version that debuted in 2013. More specifically, the first national tour starting the love of my life, Andy Huntington Jones. Just do yourself a favor and listen to "Loneliness of Evening" and "Do I Love You Because You're Beautiful?" from the soundtrack.
  5. Will Hayes- Definitely, Maybe
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    The best Ryan Reynolds character. Better than Andrew in The Proposal.
  6. Harley- It's Complicated
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    The Adlers remind me of my family a little (my divorced parents have NOT had an affair, just speaking more of a general sense of chaos here) and Harley was the perfect addition. He navigated the drama seamlessly. I actually saw this pre- Jim Halpert obsession, but still fell in love.
  7. Matthew Crawley- Downton Abbey
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    Ok, not THAT obscure, but I feel like he's been forgotten about since his tragic death. I will never forgive Dan or the writers, and I'm still boycotting the show. RIP.
  8. Harvard Hottie- The Nanny Diaries
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    In the books and film. Played by a young Chris Evans in the film.
  9. Robbie Turner- Atonement
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    Book and film. I sympathize with Briony a little bit because I also might have jumped into a lake just so he'd rescue me.