The Bachelorettonys 🏆🎭🌹

Inspired by this list THE BACHELOSCARS, because in the words of Leslie Knope, "I am big enough to admit that I am often inspired by myself." Also I know the Tonys were two days ago. I procrastinated.
  1. Best Choreography
    That James Taylor swing dance date, obviously
  2. Best Costume Design
    Everyone EXCEPT Nick B.
  3. Best Orchestrations
    Evan "Nosebleed" Bass poorly attempting to orchestrate confrontations with Chad
  4. Best Lighting Design
    Whoever highlights JoJo's hair
  5. Best Revival
    Jake? Pavelka?
  6. Best Featured Actor or Actress
    That poor horse that Luke dressed up as a unicorn.
  7. Best Leading Actress
    JoJo pretending not to be horrified by Daniel 24/7, because who wouldn't be?
  8. Best Leading Actor
    Chad "Let's Not Pretend I'm Hitler" Johnson
  9. Best Musical
    That song the guys sang by the pool- accompanied by James T. on guitar- in which they literally just sang the name "JoJo" over and over again. Without shirts.