(So far) 🏆🏆🌹
  1. Best Actress in a Supporting Role
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    Lace being fake in Episodes 1-3. RIP.
  2. Best Actor in a Supporting Role
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    Huey the Mini Horse
  3. Best Costume Design
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    Mandi on introductions night
  4. Best Visual Effects
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    Ben Higgins's bare chest
  5. Best Foreign Language Film
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  6. Best Cinematography
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    Episode 2
  7. Best Director
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    Kevin Hart and Ice Cube (date directors)
  8. Best Actress in a Leading Role
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    Olivia struggling to live with her cankles in Episode 3
  9. Best Actor in a Leading Role
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    Ben "Unlovable" Higgins (by default)
  10. Best Picture
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    The map on which Becca and JoJo tried really hard to put Indiana in the right spot