(So far) 🏆🏆🌹
  1. Best Actress in a Supporting Role
    Lace being fake in Episodes 1-3. RIP.
  2. Best Actor in a Supporting Role
    Huey the Mini Horse
  3. Best Costume Design
    Mandi on introductions night
  4. Best Visual Effects
    Ben Higgins's bare chest
  5. Best Foreign Language Film
  6. Best Cinematography
    Episode 2
  7. Best Director
    Kevin Hart and Ice Cube (date directors)
  8. Best Actress in a Leading Role
    Olivia struggling to live with her cankles in Episode 3
  9. Best Actor in a Leading Role
    Ben "Unlovable" Higgins (by default)
  10. Best Picture
    The map on which Becca and JoJo tried really hard to put Indiana in the right spot