1. Ryan Howard & Tom Haverford
    Ok, they would probably butt heads more often than not, but imagine the trendy Entertainment 720-meets-WUPHF start-up they'd cofound.
  2. Karen Filippelli & Leslie Knope
    Because Leslie's love of Anne is so far-reaching, it extends to other characters Rashida Jones has played.
  3. Jim Halpert & Mark Brendanawicz
    They would definitely be buddies. They even look alike. Honorary mention: Greg Pikitis (think of the pranks he and Jim would get away with)
  4. Toby Flenderson & Jerry Gergich
    Because they have no friends in their respective offices, they'd inevitably befriend each other.
  5. Kelly Kapoor & Donna Meagle
    They'd totally subtweet about everyone together. Donna would keep Kelly's hyperbole in check, and counsel her on Ryan. Kelly would introduce Donna to new reality shows.
  6. Andy Bernard & Andy Dwyer
    I only included this because I want to see Andy Bernard perform with Mouse Rat.
  7. Stanley Hudson & Ron Swanson
    They'd sit in complete silence and do puzzles together.
  8. Michael Scott & Chris Traeger
    I can't say how much Chris would like Michael, but you know Michael would LIVE for Chris's constant steam of compliments. Plus, neither of them are good at delivering bad news, so it would be hard to end the friendship.
  9. Oscar Martinez & Ben Wyatt
    They'd bond over accounting and knowledge of foreign affairs, and I'd bet anything Ben would be all over the finer things club.
  10. Kevin Malone & Bobby Newport
    Kevin would befriend Bobby for free Sweetums products, and they'd unexpectedly become close buddies.
  11. Angela Martin & April Ludgate
    They both love animals more than humans, the foundation of any solid friendship.
  12. Dwight Schrute & Zoning Board Member Jeanine Restrepo
    Because Dwight only befriends the best & most powerful/advantageous, and we all know Jeanine practically owns Pawnee.
  13. Creed Bratton & Jean Ralphio Saperstein
    I can't really justify this one, I just see it working?
  14. Cousin Mose & Orin
    Both vaguely creepy, silent, and into farm animals.
    Suggested by @jenward
  15. Erin Hannon and Shauna Malwae-Tweep
    I'm not exactly sure why but they both have a kind of lost girl next door vibe.
    Suggested by @applesarahgate
  16. Jeremy Jamm and Todd Packer
    Inappropriate, sexist jokes ALL DAY. These two are practically soul mates.
    Suggested by @mrspomfret
  17. Jan Levinson-Gould and Joan Callamezzo
    Think of the Son of a Preacher Man duet they could perform together. And you know Jan would love some Gotcha! journalism.
    Suggested by @cfost
  18. Meredith Palmer and Ethel Beavers
    I can totally see them getting drunk together and talking shit.
    Suggested by @ladyjennieface