Yay for requests!!!!! Thank you for relieving my hospital boredom. I just got a new phone like a month ago which is great because I don't even have to search to find the essentials.
  1. li.st
    Obviously, even though I've been slacking lately.
  2. Twitter
    I feel like I'm a terrible tweeter but this is my go to "trying to look occupied on my phone" app. @ caseyhayls, follow at your own risk.
  3. Instagram
    In a love/hate relationship. My personal is also @ caseyhayls, and I have one for pictures I take at Disney parks that's @ caseys.corner 🙈
  4. Kindle
    I'm literally a 65-year-old woman, and I rely unhealthily on my kindle app.
  5. Peach
    I have a total of three friends on peach but it's really fun and different, and I don't have to worry about who sees my posts.
  6. Google Photos
    My last phone had- I kid you not- 9,000 photos on it. But now all my photos are backed up to Google so I don't have to be a psycho hoarder!
  7. VSCO
    What would I be without my basic Instagram filters???
  8. Starbucks
    I don't like the new rewards system but I also can't survive without it, ya know?
  9. Bank of America
    Usually I pretend this app doesn't exist so I don't have to look at my account balance, but it's useful when I have to be an adult.
  10. Uber
    A true blessing, even though I have a lot of anxiety about my rating.