You can't have it all, Adele! Stop being so greedy.
  1. Talent
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    You don't get to keep that much! That is not fair nor legal!
  2. Eye make-up expertise
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    Just a hint or two would save me a world of trouble. Is that even so much to ask? And consider the money you could make if you published a step-by-step manual.
  3. Hot bodyguard
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    Clearly what he lacks in hair, he makes up for with all this bodyguard stuff. Unless you're going to recreate the Whitney Houston film The Bodyguard with him (actually, please do this), you better share, Adele!
  4. Grammy statuettes
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    Do you need that many??? Do you even have enough shelf space?
  5. This dachshund
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    Oh Adele, I see what you're trying to do. Stop clutching that tiny dog so close to your chest. Puppies are for all of us to enjoy!!!
  6. Her filter preferences for Instagram
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    Very cool B&W vintage-y vibe. Let me in on this.
  7. Meal from In-N-Out
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    Come on Adele, now you're just being unreasonable.