1. Dong talking like a Kardashian
  2. Dong referencing Clueless, Home Alone, and My Girl all within the same episode
  3. When Kimmy has to cut her lunch short with the cute army vet and shouts, "Nuggs are on me!"
  4. Kimmy's entire voicemail for said cute army vet
  5. When Jacqueline is actually flattered that Douglas "mistakes" her for being her dog's sister.
  6. "Fudge that sugar."
  7. Mimi Kanasis pouring wine in her coffee
  8. Jacqueline making coffee and saying, "I'm cooking!"
  9. "You know what, Deirdre- I just remembered, I need to rush out of here making weird panic noises."
  10. Kimmy's knockoff Frozen nightgown
  11. Kimmy pretending to check her calendar but actually scrolling through selfies she tried to take with a squirrel
  12. "Nothing I ever do is good enough for this family. I'm like Rob Kardashian."
  13. Joshua Jackson cameo
  14. When Deirdre uses the analogy "the Lululemon to my Fabletics by Kate Hudson"
  15. Kimmy and her mom cartwheeling around Universal Orlando
  16. "If I can see New Jersey, that means it can see me."
  17. Giving unsolicited advice to your uber driver