(Assuming it doesn't get delayed again, cause we all know what happened to that December 15th date)
  1. Eat anything you see- the whole theme park is edible like that garden room in Willy Wonka's factory!
  2. Ride atop a live hippo on the Fantasia Carousel
  3. Speak to Walt Disney himself using special medium-like technology exclusive to international Disney theme parks
  4. Solve world hunger
  5. Throw matches at a poster for Walt Disney's World's 'Pandora- The World of Avatar'
  6. Travel around the park on your very own fluffy white cloud
  7. Receive free ice cream sundaes served in 14 karat gold cones
  8. Play basketball with Troy Bolton
  9. Ask any Disney princess to borrow her crown, and keep it as a souvenir!
  10. Win Powerball
  11. Hang out with Johnny Depp at the new pirates area- he lives under one of the decorative shipwrecks
  12. See the Holy Grail firsthand