1. The perfect way to say congratulations without typing out 15 characters
  2. Alternatively, the perfect way to cap off your own good news
    "Chris Evans and I are engaged 🍾!" et cetera
  3. Everyone will know how luxurious a lifestyle you lead
    "Brunch and shopping on Madison Ave. today 🍾"
  4. Also a great way to dress up an otherwise mundane message
    "Spray-painting my coffee table! 🍾" "Going to bed early 🍾"
  5. The perfect emoji addition to ANY holiday post (i.e. New Years, birthdays, Columbus Day, Halloween)
  6. It's reminiscent of Drake (🍾 papi)
  7. Even sent without any context, this emoji will tell people that you are fun, classy, and superior to them in every way
  8. Who cares about the unicorn tbh?