This was a suggesting title. Sorry for being boring, but I'm having another insomnia phase.
  1. Chapter One: Vaginal Exertion... Not
    I was an emergency C-Section baby. Sorry, mom. I do feel slightly bad when I see the scars from stitches or when she tells me stories.
  2. Chapter Two: Breaking Stuff
    From the age of 2-5 years, I was an extremely destructive child. Literally. I broke a car once. Another time, I sneezed, the oxygen from my sneeze making a small flame on the stove incredibly large. Long story short, I have to sprint across the house and close my bedroom door if I need to sneeze.
  3. Chapter Three: People Leaving
    Sad chapter of my life. For the majority of my pre-teen years, I had nothing but temporary people surrounding me. It hurt every time they left, until I remembered I don't need them. Then I was good.
  4. Chapter Four: Acne, Bleeding, Growing, and Greasy Cravings
    Ah, the beloved teenage years. I would say it sucked, but I'm only 15, so I don't know much about being a teenager. Yet. If you're religious, send prayers. If not, send best wishes. I will need it.