There are certain authors that when I read their work I hear a certain band's music playing in my head. Here they are.
  1. Tom Robbins - PIXIES
    Supple sexuality, fantasy, disfigurement. It's all there.
  2. Heather O'Neill - Neutral Milk Hotel
    If you haven't read Heather O'Neill's work then you are missing out. Troubled youth in rusty, down and out situations. The characters could easily live in a Jeff Mangum song.
  3. JD Salinger - Velvet Underground.
    This one's pretty basic. Bumming around NYC. Out of their minds.
  4. Charles Bukowski - Tom Waits
    The poetry of crusty old perverts in the south land. Swordfish Trombones and Raindogs fit most elegantly into Bukowski's work.
  5. Sylvia Plath - Elliot Smith
    Dark and dreary wins the race.