Go home, Cadbury.
  1. Reese's pumpkins
    The wait from Easter to Halloween for a chocolate peanut butter shape is the longest season of the year.
  2. Reese's eggs
    Totally the most peanut butter bang for your buck.
  3. Reese's Christmas trees
    So jolly! Can I petition for a Reese's Santa?
  4. Reese's hearts
    And not the giant ones, either. That's excessive. Give your Valentine a heart shaped box of unidentifiable filled chocolates (what IS that pink stuff, anyway) or chocolate covered cherries. This single girl will stop at Walgreens once a week for a one-off peanut butter heart.
  5. Regular Reese's cups
    A classic, but I can walk away from them in the grocery store. And I hate when they appear in bags of Halloween candy. Go pumpkin or go home.
  6. Reese's minis
    Why are these a thing?