@ChrisK made a great list of suggested lists and this was on there!
  1. Five stitches, right knee
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    I was 13 and about to see a matinée of the Adam Sandler movie Big Daddy at Loews in Ridgefield Park, NJ. Hot summer day. As I made my way up the escalator in loose knockoff Birkenstocks I thought were SUPER cool at the time, my extra large soda, sweating with condensation, slipped out of my grasp. I tripped, soda and blood went everywhere. I insisted I was okay (though I have no memory of being a huge Adam Sandler fan?), we stayed for the movie and went to the ER afterwards to get stitches.
  2. Long scratch, right calf
    As a 16 year old I was somehow assigned the job of windsurfing instructor at the YMCA camp I grew up going to in Rhode Island. I was a passable windsurfer but probably shouldn't have been in charge of teaching 11 year olds how to do it and I accidentally spun off the side of the dock while trying to demonstrate how to execute a tack. Huge gash, enough blood to freak all of the kids out. Now it's a faint white line down the length of my calf that barely shows up in photos.