Or during any the process leading up to said day. #Bridezilla
  1. Giving anyone an 'Honor'
    We'll be serving Humble Pie in leu of cake.
  2. Flowers
    Why in the H-e-double hockey sticks would I spend thousands of dollars on flowers that will die tomorrow?
  3. If You Like My Dress
    Im really pretty, okay. My fiancé would compliment my ass if I was wearing a burlap sack. If I like it, you love it. Kapeesh?
  4. Family Drama
    Call me self centered. I love all of you, enough to pay for you to drink free, so suck it up for a day and smile for the photographer.
  5. Spending Exorbitant Amounts of Money because 'Merica
    Im a 'creative type', materialistic, millennial woman marrying a beautiful, frugal business type who thinks Greek History is da bomb. Vision meet Bank Account.