The entire city of Chicago feels like its saying 'Bah Humbug'
  1. Snow
    Just any precipitation will not do. When it looks like 5pm at 11am and its pouring rain, I don't think ice skating and sleigh rides.
  2. A tree, or lights, or any kind of festive decor in my home.
    My fiancée may be jewish, but we celebrate christmas. Except you'd never know when the only thing decking my halls is laundry and junk mail.
  3. Holiday Parties
    Idk how everyone in my friendly circle of even acquaintances dropped the ball, but I have been invited to, and attended, exactly 1 holiday party.
  4. A random religious Christmas card from my aunts I never see but once a year.
    On this day Jesus was born. Thanks for that.
  5. Debt from all the christmas shopping I did.
    I wont be eating canned soup everyday for the balance of January this year.