1. Amount of times I was in danger of being murdered or kidnapped
    Or at least how many times I passed a murderer on the street!
  2. Amount of days I declared to be 'the worst, ever'
  3. On the flip side, how many I thought were the 'best, ever'
  4. Hours I spent procrastinating
  5. Number of friends I made throughout life
  6. Hours spent petting dogs
    And other animals
  7. How much food (in pounds) consumed over my lifetime
  8. Number of people I had a crush on but never told
  9. People who had a crush on me but never told
  10. Amount of people who ever looked up to me
    So... two.
  11. Number of promises I made
    Bonus: number of promises I kept
  12. Amount of times I said 'I love you' and meant it
    And times I didn't
  13. How many gallons of tears I cried in my lifetime
    Yes, gallons.