These might make you upset.
  1. Beyoncé is overrated and I don't care that she's pregnant.
    Lots of women get pregnant every year! And I'm sure a lot of those women have twins too!
  2. I would hate to be the president or have a lot of power
    Not sure if this is considered unpopular, but it's true.
  3. Facebook isn't too bad
    Only unpopular if you're under the age of 35
  4. Starbucks is mostly crap
    Sorry! I've only liked 4-5 of their drinks (mostly the seasonal ones, so I don't even have the privilege of stopping by and grabbing something I enjoy everyday!)
  5. Fidget spinners are stupid and annoying
  6. Rihanna's old music can run laps around her new albums any day
    Umbrella was the jam in 2007
  7. The early 2000s are just as good as the 90s
    Fight me
  8. Time travel isn't worth all the hype
    Why would you want to live in a decade where you don't know anybody and have to shit in an outhouse?
  9. The beach is more trouble than it's worth
    Sand.... everywhere there's sand.
  10. High school is bearable
  11. Classic literature kinda sucks most of the time
  12. Except for dystopian novels, I love them.
  13. Ellen DeGeneres is kind of rude
  14. Sia is one of the best pop singers of our decade
  15. Kim Kardashian shouldn't be as influential as she is.
    Think of all the trends that started because of Kim K and her family... yikes.
  16. Reality TV SUCKS
  17. Donald Trump isn't going to ruin America
    He doesn't have as much power as everyone thinks.