I grew up in Gilmer, TX, population 5000. There's some fantastic things about growing up there.
  1. The Yamboree
    Yes we have a yearly festival celebrating Yams, except it's really sweet potatoes. Complete with Tater trot race, sweet potato pie contest, sweet potato dress-up contest (I've seen Abrahyam Lincoln!), Yamboree parade and the Barn Dance
  2. Gilmer Buckeye football, state champs!
    The stadium is a huge improvement than when I was in school, but it was just as much of a social event then as it is now.
  3. Town square
    With a courthouse right in the middle with all kinds of shops and restaurants around it. Real red brick streets
  4. The Patterson Addition
    The neighborhood I always wanted to live in, not sure why it was called Patterson Addition though
  5. First Methodist Church vs First Baptist Church
    Separated by train tracks, each one considered the church "on the other side of the tracks".
  6. A trip to Walmart is a social event
    Better fix your hair if you go, cause you will DEFINITELY run into your teacher from elementary or the preacher
  7. Wedding showers
    You WILL get everything on your registry. People will buy you "half" a fork, or "half" a spoon. But you had to register at the local Nelm's or Lou's cause it's just too far to go all the way to Dillard's in Longview.
  8. Baby showers
    Same as the wedding shower, you'll get everything you registered for
  9. Ann Brown
    Simply the best cakes and baked goods as long as I've been alive. If you got married in Gilmer, you had an Ann Brown cake, and she probably catered the whole thing. Petit fours and chocolate cake want to make you slap ya Mama!
  10. Gilmer Country Club
    A 9-hole golf course with a pool...I BEGGED my parents to join just so I could swim in the pool and get junk food in the pro-shop...you could just put junk food on your parent's bill!!
  11. Road trips to Gladewater to get booze
    It's a miracle we survived
  12. Going to the Lake
    Last minute road trips to the lake, riding on friends' houseboats, and drinking cold beer
  13. Catfish Village
    Taking the "long" drive to Catfish Village for all-you-can eat fried catfish, cylindrical hush puppies, fries, pickled green tomatoes, coleslaw
  14. Going to eat a fancy meal at Johnny Cace's
    Ok this restaurant is in Longview but it was such a THRILL to go to the big city to eat there, have a Shirley temple and pick a toy from the treasure chest
  15. There's a million other things I can't recall right now!