Chances are I probably own a psychical copy of said movie, but I'll watch it on TV anyway.
  1. Mean Girls
    I know the entire thing by heart. And I prove it by annoyingly reciting every line out loud. You smell like a baby prostitute.
  2. Love Actually
    Christmastime. Anytime, actually. This also applies to other holiday favorites (Home Alone, The Holiday, etc.).
  3. Titanic
    I have something like 5 copies of this movie (VHS, DVD, Blu-Ray... special editions gifted over the years). I always watch – I don't understand it.
  4. Any Harry Potter Movie
    Oh, there's a Harry Potter Weekend on ABC Family? Accio remote control.
  5. The Dark Knight
    Why so serious? Or more like, why do I have no self control when this comes on TV?