An ongoing list of all the concerts I've seen!
  1. We as human
    A local Christian rock band based out of Sandpoint idaho. Surprisingly good, as I recall. But it was my first concert and I was like 13
  2. Good charlotte
    Second concert! They were my most favorite band ever and I was so stoked. They were a lot better to my 14 year old self then they would be if I re listened to them now
  3. Radiohead
    One of my most favorite experiences. I was hypnotized in the best way possible
  4. Dave Matthews Band
    They rocked the gorge! Simultaneously chill and funky.
  5. Fleet foxes
    Transcendent experience. They filled my heart and soul full of pure joy! Love love love!
  6. Matchbox Twenty
    Pumped to see them! Very energetic and spot on! Rob Thomas killed it
  7. Counting Crows
    I wanna give them the benefit of the doubt that maybe it was an off day. Or maybe I worked them up to be so good that my expectation was too high. But overall not super impressed. I still love their music tho and would go to another concert if I was able to
  8. Train
    Going tonight! Will describe later
  9. Natasha Bedingfield
    Going tonight! Will describe later
  10. O.A.R.
    Going tonight! Will describe later
  11. The static tones
    Local rock band of my husbands! They were killer.
  12. Diff Leppard
    Seriously so good!
  13. Poison
  14. TESLA
    They killed it!
  15. The ongoing concept
    Talented local musicians.