A very very eclectic stack
  1. Here they are in a tower
  2. The island within by Richard Nelson
    A local Sitka, Alaska writer. Really powerful book about our relationship with nature and how to 'be' where we are. Strongly suggest if you are a fan of humans and nature trope writing similar to Gary Snyder or Barry Lopez.
  3. The marriage plot by Jeffrey Eugenides
    A re-read. Controversial opinion, but truly my favorite book of his. Maybe it's because I'm deeply immersed in the post graduate identity struggle right now but my oh my i identify with Mitchell. Forever sad he doesn't get more sex.
  4. The defining decade by Meg Jay
    Surprisingly interesting despite normally despising books of this nature. My mom gave this to me. What the f you trying to tell me mom?
  5. Freedom by Jonathan Franzen
    Another reread. Never tire of it. Franzen4ever.
  6. Women who run with Wolves
    Amazing. Can't believe I hadn't read sooner. Couldn't stop reading. Was distraught to be done with it.
  7. The faraway nearby by Rebecca Solnit
    Truly genre bending. Loved it all. Solnit is a queen of sentence construction and I don't know why it took me so long to finally read this book. It's a fantastic and immensely pleasurable journey of a read.