Emily post for the 20 something in the 21st century
  1. Get a little buzzed moments before everyone arrives
  2. When that one girl you dislike starts talking about how she knows her boyfriend is the one loudly remark that you think you matched with him on tinder
  3. Everyone loves mini quiches
  4. Rustic vintage is very trendy right now. Retrieve decorations from your apartment complex dumpster. Claim you found them thrifting.
  5. People love photo booths they are FUN give the people what they want
    Even if it's a blank wall that you call the photo booth
  6. Set about random bags of lemons so everyone knows there's no fucking around in your crib
  7. Target $1 section
  8. Liquor > food
    For those with financial woes
  9. You are now ready.