1. "I was blacked out and projectiled all over the wall. That's why that guy just called me spew"
    EDIT: i was laughing real hard one time and water came out my nose. That's why he called me spew.
  2. "Oh yeah we were laughing about this time at Sasquatch when I fell on top of our tent and broke it with no shirt on while trying to hook up with this guy"
    EDIT: Oh yeah we were laughing about this time at Sasquatch I broke our tent when I was showing our camp my new dance move"
  3. "Your sister is crazy!! You should've seen her in Europe!!!. Damn we had some good times together."
    EDIT: I was crazy in Europe! He's definitely talking about me eating a lot of schnitzel this one time!
  4. "Remember when we were dancing on top of the Yale house pool table and it broke in half?? How's that scar by the way?"
    EDIT: yeah you see it was wild we were just having this study dance break and I did get a little out of hand but it was otherwise very tame.
  5. "Your sister and I hooked up a ton junior year"
    EDIT: to study for our Ochem final.
  6. "Cass! Got any drugs? Is this your little bro? Your sister rolls a great j"
    EDIT: take brother to psychic to make him forget