Behaviors that ensure I don't want to be a fellow human with you
  1. Not returning your shopping cart to the designated shopping cart receptacles.
    People that won't walk 20 feet to return their carts are literally the worst
  2. Littering
    Get off our earth immediately
  3. Being rude or dismissive to retail workers, restaurant servers and the like.
    Be kind for chrissakes.
  4. People that say "I'm not trying to be rude but..."
    Get the fuck out
  5. Anyone on a "fitness journey"
    You're boring and quit tagging me in barre3 classes to save 5% or w/e.
  6. It works! Sellers
    Do you not see that it's a pyramid scheme? I can't with all your fb posts you are dismissed.
  7. Not using your turn signal.