Multiple people have asked me to do these sorts of lists so I'm delivering. For context: I work as a fisherman but also a writer and advocate for sustainable fisheries across the world. I just completed 3 weeks in Sitka, Alaska fishing for herring in one of the most well regulated and competitive fisheries in Alaska.
  1. That blue dot is where Sitka is located.
    Sitka has an AMAZINGLY rich history with Alaska natives, Russians, gold rushers, swindlers, loose women, thieves and contemporary Alaskans. I highly recommend reading more about it all should it interest you. Sitka is also where the movie the proposal starring Sandra bullock and Ryan Reynolds was based...if that interests you more.
  2. Anchored outside of Sitka sound.
  3. Sunrises over Sitka sound
  4. Sitka totem pole walk
    Sitka boasts an incredible collection of totem poles uniquely positioned around a network of trails.
  5. A 200 ton herring set waiting to be sampled by fish and game.
    Every set made before pumping is sampled by fish and game and the processors to ensure proper fish size and maturity levels.
  6. A 60 ton herring set waiting for delivery.
  7. There's me! Posing with some fish that have been approved for delivery.
    Most all the fish harvested here are sold to the Japanese. The quota varies year to year depending on the spawn and other varying factors.
  8. Kayaking in the unique islands off central Sitka.
    Many are dotted with impressive mansions and rental homes.
  9. Mass of boats before a small fishing opener
    The fishery here is typically opened for a mere 1-2 hours making it high pressure to get good sets in that time. There are only 48 permits for the Sitka sound herring fishery making it ultra competitive with potentially huge monetary payouts.
  10. What you can do: Eat wild!
    Be a smart consumer and always enquire where your seafood was harvested from. The health benefits of eating wild seafood (not farmed) are well established and are better for local fisherman at every level. Currently, an INCREDIBLE amount of seafood harvested in Alaskan waters is shipped all over the world to everywhere except the United States. 🐟 🌊