Can my future employer tell that I'm drunk? It's so hard! These are a sampling of photos I can't decide on.
  1. No liquor in your hand means you're not drunk right?
  2. Do these goggles hide how drunk I was?
  3. Does this culturally appropriated sombrero hide how drunk I was?
  4. Does this red sparkle hat hide how drunk I was?
  5. Am i drunk here or just drinking? This job is so hard. Does this fedora hide that I'm using a fake ID?
  6. Okay im at Oktoberfest. I think that's a free pass and I'm still fully clothed I think it's okay.
  7. No just high here that's all good now right?
  8. It's okay if I'm with my mom I'm sure.
  9. Nope. It's all over, delete everything. Burn it down. Your whole existence is garbage.