This should be handed out as a warning pamphlet to kids across the world
  1. Let the cool 8th grade girls pierce my belly button in the girls bathroom during lunch period
    Ramifications: Infected for a month and terrified to tell my mom. Positives: Scotty, the coolest 8th grade boy, kissed me the next day.
  2. Smoked marijuana for the first time with "the bad boys" in the portables behind our high school to prove myself because they kept asking me when the Abercrombie and Fitch sale was
    Ramifications: for 5 seconds I thought I was really hard and edgy. Positives: for 5 seconds I thought I was really hard and edgy.
  3. Talked mad shit on IM about a good friend because everyone else was
    Literally one of the shittiest things I've ever done. Still feel bad about this 10 years later
  4. Railroaded shots at an ABC party because I didn't want my ex to think I was sad without him
    Ramifications: probably should be dead. 100% had alcohol poisoning. Positives: am still alive. My ABC outfit doubled as a vomit collector. Was labeled the cool wild girl and I'm just superficial enough that matters to me.