Chronology and anthropologie both matter, guys.
  1. The Perks of Being a Wallflower
    High school read, and I reread this profound, wrenching, tribute to teen angst every year. It reminds me of who I was, and I who I still remain. My essential self.
  2. On the Road
    Such a free spirit time in life when she encounters this story. Yes, I referenced myself. The stream of consciousness made me seek the other and the wanderlust. Continues to...
  3. The Marriage Plot
    I was torn between two men and never allowed myself to fully feel the weight of that.
  4. The Beautiful Things that Heaven Bears
    This story harbored me through a hard time. My narrator struggled more. This was a good reminder to me to think outside of my own dark depths.
    Thanks, S. King, for reintroducing me to you. And reminding me of my fave show of all time, The Wonder Years
  6. Why Not Me?
    Mindy, you're in my circle. And I only have like, six. Please be a bridesmaid in my non-existent wedding someday. You made me cackle out loud, swallow pride, and shed a small tear.
  7. Present Over Perfect
    Books find me at the right times in my life. Shauna found me ready to read. God found me ready to accept.