1. Prisons.
    In desperate need of reforms. Where exactly is rehabilitation in our current punitive system? California's Prop. 47 is where it's at!
  2. Mental health stigmas.
    A large majority of people have some type of mental illness. Yet, people still look down upon those that admit to it. Even worse, people are unaware of how to make dealing with their illness easier.
  3. Drug use.
    In southern Indiana, there has been an HIV epidemic due to reusing needles for heroin. A needle sharing program, created to reduce the use of contaminated needles, is being implemented in some places, but to do so a county must be in epidemic proportions. Things should not need to get that bad to get better.
  4. My lack of motivation.
    I have an essay to write and lots of reading to do, but instead I am making a list that is not checking anything off of my to-do list. And I've watched four Christmas rom-coms rated only one star in one day.