A list I will probably continuously add on to
  1. Dreading school lunch and finding out its Raviolli
  2. Coming home to your pet waiting in front of the door
  3. Completing an entire season of a TV series in one day
  4. Being able to watch the sunrise
  5. Getting up early enough to get the Blueberry Cake donuts from Casey's
  6. Getting a better than expected grade on a test
  7. Hearing your favorite song live
  8. When Joey tries to use quotation marks (but doesn't know how) and ends up saying "I'm sorry" as if he's really not
  9. When a restaurant has the GOOD ice
  10. When I wake up and SpongeBob is on
  11. Not wanting to go to work and then finding out you don't have to go because of the snow
  12. Finishing a really good book