1. Why regular Flintstones vitamins have MORE iron in them than "Flintstones with Iron"
  2. Dogs
  3. How many girl crushes you can have before you have to consider you might just be super gay
    I am definitely at the super gay level
  4. The uniforms we would wear at the awesome feminist boarding school I made up in my head
    Our color palette is black, white, grey and dark red
  5. Girks
    I meant to write girls but this happened and now I'm giggling
  6. How magic tricks work
    I am the IDEAL magician's audience because I think everything is actual magic
  7. People who think the song "Love Myself" is not about masturbation
    Who hurt you??
  8. The next time I can hold a baby
    My cousin's baby fell asleep on me at Christmas.
  9. Derby names
    I am not actually cool enough to play derby
  10. How maybe everything is wrong
    I think I have anxiety. I can't be more specific than this.
  11. Where to find the best deal on peanut butter cups
    For the interested, it's usually Walgreens