These are my most frequent thoughts when I'm swiping.
  1. What is KCCO?
  2. Googled KCCO. Swiping left now.
  3. 30 y/o?! More like 50.
  4. Yay. All group photos. Obviously don't want me to know who you are.
  5. Does every guy love to travel and "have adventures"?
  6. Just looking for friends bc you're already in a relationship? Wtf are you on here?
  7. Is that a pic from your wedding? Again, wtf are you on here? Who does that?! Tempted to swipe right just to chew them out. But what if we don't match...
  8. Oh yikes! Swipe left. Swipe left! Gosh, I'm shallow.
  9. Ooh! He's cute! Swipe right. Poo. No match.
  10. Is that his sister? Cousin? GF? So many questions. Swiping left.
  11. No pic. Grow a set. Swiping left.
  12. All pics of random things. None of him. Puhleeze. I'm putting myself out there. You should too.
  13. He's four miles away. What if he's a stalker?!
  14. What a cutie! Bio says he's actually 17. Omgosh... I almost swiped right on a 17 yr old.
  15. "You talk first." Get over yourself.
  16. He's hot. We have so much in common. He sounds really cool. Ah! We matched! Could this be the one?