1. The ladies' hair. Why don't we "do" our hair anymore?
  2. Lakeside decorating! The entire movie looks like a One Kings Lane flash sale.
  3. Patrick Swayze's abs
  4. Jennifer Grey's waist
  5. That part when Baby's father realizes Robby knocked up Penny and takes the envelope of cash back.
  6. Watermelons!
  7. The Baby-Learns-to-Dance montage.
  8. Baby's real name is Francis and she was named after the first woman in the Cabinet. So progressive!
  9. When Jennifer Grey admits she's being a little loose to Jerry Orbach but then masterly turns the tables and tells him she's actually disappointed in him and makes HIM cry.
  10. The water lift scene
  11. The finale dance! That lift! Johnny's speech! "Nobody puts Baby in a corner"!