I normally wouldn't listen first, because it's like peeking at your gifts, but I gave into peer pressure and just ripped off that bow
  1. The word play
    Most musicals circle back on similar songs and tempos in act 1 and 2 but there are subtle phrases that are referenced the whole show & my copywriter heart rejoices
  2. A guy said to me he thought it was cheesy
    And I launched into a full debate on how there are subtle influences of so many different types of music throughout it & found myself being as condescending as him so I stopped
  3. I felt a lot of things
    Without even seeing it. No visual stimulation and I still felt moved & inspired. That my friends is a "power of music" moment in action
  4. Putting on my literary hat
    There's this theme to the story (one of many) of speaking your mind for what you believe vs standing by, but it's an interesting study bc of how it ends. He almost *spoiler* dies for speaking his mind. We'd dissect this if I had an English class to teach
  5. I keep singing "look around, look around"
    "how lucky we are to be alive right now." And I sing it especially loud this wk