I turn 28. My dad and brother both thought I was 29. I get it women in Hollywood.
  1. I always think let's not make it a big deal.
    But ya no a kinda deal is okay
  2. A lot of my good friends don't live in my same city anymore.
    Do I have friends? No, I have friends. Yes of course I do. Just that a lot of my good ones...
  3. I always forget how nice it feels to hear from people
    I should write on more people's walls saying happy bday & not just swear off Facebook every time I open it
  4. Honestly hitting like 3 out of my 5 resolutions for the yr ain't too shabby
    I'll just add break dancing class to this years list. & continue to work on my arm strength because not sure how else I'll do that head twirl move
  5. I just microwaved dinner and am sitting here braless
    It's the beauty of things staying the same as they change. Ah, sweet 28
  6. It falls on a Friday this year
    Me two years ago woulda killed for that timing. So ya, things change
  7. Try to answer when your aunts call
    Because you're not great at the call back Cass.
  8. Now you're just making an actual list of things to do instead of thoughts
    Wow already wiser with age. Happy bday me