Done stuff is at the top for ease of adding and organization
  1. ✅✅✅Send $325 rent check to maggie
  2. ✅✅✅Send $700 loan check to UST
    Done may 25th 2016. Due by May 31
  3. ✅✅✅Sign sublease
    Done, may 25 2016. Mailed out may 26th.
  4. ✅✅✅Pic in interview dress for poshmark
  5. Return Amazon rental book
  6. Order a checkbook
  7. Apply to rental application, $30 fee 😩
  8. Clean and vacuum car
  9. Fill right side of car air in tires
  10. Make an appointment with Gail Conzemius
  11. Map meds
  12. Buy stamps
  13. Email landlord move in date???