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My name's Cassandra, but most people call me Cassy.
  1. Cassy
  2. Cassandra
  3. Cass
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So I've been in high school for a good 2 months now and this is everything I learned.
  1. If you pay attention in class you'll get an A on the test.
  2. Talk to anyone that looks potentially friend worthy.
  3. Always ask questions. Even if they sound dumb in your head.
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We dated for two years. I broke it off. Here we go.
  1. He was disrespectful, but I overlooked it.
  2. He was immature, but his jokes could be funny at times.
  3. He was nice, to me.
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I don't have a favorite day of the week because everyday is a blessing, but Monday's are pretty cool.
  1. Monday is the first day of the week
  2. Monday is gives me a chance to start over
  3. Monday gets me excited for the things to come later in the week
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  1. Because I just loooooveeee quotes calling out that girl that hates me.
  2. I love Australian humor
  3. This always comes in handy...
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  1. Wash face
  2. Eat breakfast
  3. Get changed
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  1. A picture taken on my birthday. Blurry, but okay.
  2. A picture take the day before my birthday at a restaurant called Pescatories (I think that's how you spell it?)
  3. Tried to be artsy. Enough said.
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  1. William
    A boy who was such a nerd, my best childhood friend, whom I liked for three years until the fourth grade when we went to different schools. Now he's really hot and super cool guy and so out of my league (woops).
  2. Bryan
    A shy kid, we had a lot in common and he was pretty funny and sweet. We don't talk much. I liked him for two years, simultaneously with William.
  3. Nick B
    He was the class clown back then, and one of my best guy friends. We talked all the time and I liked him for a few weeks. We were better as friends. Its a shame, he's one of those gangster guys now. We don't talk.
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I'm going to the mall and my mind is all over the place when I think of things I want to get
  1. Phone case
  2. Jeans
  3. Boots
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