1. Showing up to my surprise 16th birthday and saying "wait...so we're not going to Olive Garden"
  2. Getting a Barbie VW Bug and being mad everyone was calling me "double digits" on my 10th birthday.
  3. Getting my my first manicure with flowers on my nails
  4. Wearing a crown around the mall which led to free Sbarros and candy from the Candy Store
  5. Making my family run to Cold Stone to get me another cake because I said I didn't like red velvet cake which my cousin had made from scratch...16 was a rough year
  6. Drinking a Guinness at the hotel bar/lounge in Ireland and the waiter writing very messily "Happy Birthday" in icing on a plate of cake.
  7. Waking up on my bathroom floor with a pillow, blanket, entire pizza and $20.
  8. Going to Disney and ordering food 3 separate times at Casey's Hot Dogs because we kept wanting more!
  9. All you can eat Flammkuchen in Germany with my host family and friends then skyping my dad and aunt who bought an ice cream cake I couldn't eat 😩
  10. Lee Brice concert in Chicago!
  11. Telling everyone I was 12 and 366 days when I turned 13.
  12. Getting free McDonalds Happy Meal complete with Minion toy and a McFlurry from the wonderful drive-thru lady.