1. I am not ready.
    I am not ready or will ever be ready to compromise my believes and settle for the life everyone else has.
  2. I want to live in a city.
    I need diversity and options.
  3. I am a risk taker
    Failing is part of life and life doesn't end because you fail.
  4. Love
    I want to find someone to share my life with but not before learning to love myself.
  5. Sleep
    I love sleep over everything.
  6. Life is a journey
    I have goals and I know that there a few things I have to cut out of my life to reach them but not at any cost.
  7. Mental health issues are not an embarrassment.
    I've better learned to accept and live with my anxiety.
  8. Listening >Speaking
    I've learned to listen and therefore have learned about people.
  9. Family is important but so am i
    I've learned that they will always be very important but for me to be there for them I have to be the best me. I can be.
  10. The meaning of friendahip
    I've learned that the small things count the most! And that I've been lucky and have surrounded myself with the very best.
  11. Change is the only constant in life.
    Everything changes with time and most of the time it is for the best.
  12. My best qualities
    I have a friendly personality and can make friends easily.
  13. Life is truly beautiful
    If you stop and look around you, you'll see that beauty is all arouns
  14. Not everyday can be rosy
    Life has up and downs
  15. I am my worse enemy
    I shut down when I am upset and shine when I am happy and only I can control where I am.
  16. Education is important
    I think I would like to be in the education field for the rest of my life in one form or another
  17. Motherhood?!
    I've been told more then once I'd make a great mother but I still don't know if I believe it.
  18. Education>Work
    Going to college was best for me!
  19. Culture
    I need to work harder to conserve my culture and native tongue!
  20. Dreams change and grow with us.
    London> Rio
  21. Drinking/partying isn't everyhing
    I need to learn to drink responsibly.
  22. Surrounding myself with things I love is important
    IKEA(because I am broke) sounds like a fun Sunday afternoon
  23. Money isn't what will make me happy
    Having a lot of money won't buy me happiness.
  24. Money is a necessary evil
    I need to work hard now so I can eventually live the life I would love.
  25. Making list is very therapeutic!
    I make list and it helps me keep on track