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as requested by @Boogie (in reference to my account description).
  1. all of Nikki Minaj's "Super Bass".
    but alas, I will never be as good as Sophia and Rosie.
  2. select verses of the "Hamilton" soundtrack.
    sometimes you just can't keep up with Lafayette.
  3. all of the Justin Bieber songs that feature a rapper.
    not just "Baby".
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inspired by @jeremysomething.
  1. Stress- 78.91%
    This is only after I procrastinate the thing I am stressed about, magnifying the stress, then I waste more time crying about said thing
  2. Anger- 6.2%
    Not an angry crier
  3. While reading- 45.23%
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  1. No matter what you tweet, everyone favorites and retweets you.
  1. First Crush.
    in kindergarten, we napped next to each other and a second girl who napped in the same area also had a crush on him. one day we used tissue paper in class and there were left over pieces on the floor. so we both grabbed pieces, kissed them, and threw them at him during nap time. we both ended up with green lips and bonded/got over him through mutal embarrassment.
  2. The Flirt.
    later in elementary school, I had a crush on the school "jock" (just like every other girl). so, in my flirting attemps, I would throw balls at him every time I got out in 4 square. which was a lot. I may have been trying to scare him into liking me.
  3. The Older Guy.
    in 6th grade I had a crush on an 8th grader. he was kinda cute, but I was only into him because my friend insisted that I HAD to like someone, and he was the first name I thought of. sort of conditioned myself to like him. never spoke to him.
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@biz. I didn't know you, or even follow you but I am touched by the overwhelming love and support of the li.st community. so I don't know if I am justified in making this list, but nonetheless, love with you always.
  1. this is my plant.
  2. I like my plant.
  3. when I first got it, they said it didn't need a lot of water and could survive droughts and neglect.
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  1. Alarm clock that goes off, usually the first thing in the movie
    Typically the opening to the movie.
  2. iPod
    Plays the opening song to the movie as our character runs around getting ready, after she realizes she is late.
  3. Band poster
    May contain band member she meets and ends up dating at the end of movie.
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  1. "Slaughter 'em With Sympathy"
  2. "Choke 'em With Compassion"
  3. "Asphyxiate 'em With Affection"
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