1. First Crush.
    in kindergarten, we napped next to each other and a second girl who napped in the same area also had a crush on him. one day we used tissue paper in class and there were left over pieces on the floor. so we both grabbed pieces, kissed them, and threw them at him during nap time. we both ended up with green lips and bonded/got over him through mutal embarrassment.
  2. The Flirt.
    later in elementary school, I had a crush on the school "jock" (just like every other girl). so, in my flirting attemps, I would throw balls at him every time I got out in 4 square. which was a lot. I may have been trying to scare him into liking me.
  3. The Older Guy.
    in 6th grade I had a crush on an 8th grader. he was kinda cute, but I was only into him because my friend insisted that I HAD to like someone, and he was the first name I thought of. sort of conditioned myself to like him. never spoke to him.
  4. Celebrity Crush #1.
    not my first celebrity crush, but my first serious celebrity crush. my family even took it far enough as to purchase me a cardboard cutout, which I found slightly terrifying. Liam Payne of One Direction now resides in my basement.
  5. The "Cool" Guy.
    also older. had gorgeous floppy blonde hair and was in my study hall. gorgeous hair did not account for doucheyness. somehow my gold sparkly eyeshadow did not seduce him. wrote lots of sappy love poems about him. also never spoke to.
  6. Sk8tr Boi.
    started out as a skater dude, and is now a truck dude.
  7. Celebrity Crush #2.
    current celebrity crush, Matthew Gray Gubler.