1. To set the scene: a small, quiet church, preferably located on top of a hill, with a small cemetery, where I shall be buried, beside it.
  2. Filling the church are somber mourners, all adorned in black, crying over my lifeless body.
  3. The pastor enters, and as he speaks the room continues to be racked with grief, sobs taking the place of breath.
  4. My husband speaks, but chokes on his words and returns to his seat.
  5. The pallbearers carry my decaying body through the wide oak doors and under the beautiful stain glass mural of Jesus himself, the weight of their tears out weighing my body.
  6. The casket is placed onto the machine that shall lower it into the six foot deep hole where I shall forever rest.
  7. The machine starts up, with a whirl, and as it does, a song plays.
  8. A song I had requested.
  9. Everyone's breath is held as a quiet opening begins to play over the sniffles and silent tears.
  10. My body begins it's decent.
  11. A whisper emerges from the speakers.
  12. "...let the bodies hit the floor."
  13. The crowd looks up.
  14. "...let the bodies hit the floor."
  15. Murmurs are shared among the crowd.
  16. "...let the bodies hit the..."
  18. My body has completed its decent.
  19. I shall lay in peace.