as requested by @Boogie (in reference to my account description).
  1. all of Nikki Minaj's "Super Bass".
    but alas, I will never be as good as Sophia and Rosie.
  2. select verses of the "Hamilton" soundtrack.
    sometimes you just can't keep up with Lafayette.
  3. all of the Justin Bieber songs that feature a rapper.
    not just "Baby".
  4. the chorus of "Right Temperature" by Sean Paul.
    one of my favorites to bust out.
  5. "I Love Kayne" by Kayne West.
    to be fair, I miss the old Kayne...
  6. a select number of Bo Burnham songs.
    less rapping, more fast singing.
  7. lots of twenty one pilots songs.
    once I know the lyrics, of course.
  8. alldays verse in "for him." by Troye Sivan.
    this ones pretty easy.