Dedicated to my moss ball, Smitty.
  1. They are super low maintenance
    I, an achieved plant forgetter, appreciate this. Changing water once every week or two is a task I can handle.
  2. You can touch them
    Like a fish, a moss ball must be kept in water, but, like a dog, you can take it out and "pet" it (if you're into petting moss). It's basically the best parts of a fish plus the best parts of a dog.
  3. You can't kill them
    Unless you dry it out, it's nearly impossible to kill, as they can live up to 200 years.
  4. They bring good luck
    Supposedly, in traditional Japanese culture, the moss ball brings good luck (mine still has yet to do its part on this one).
  5. They can "swim"
    Moss balls can float or sink depending on their stage in photosynthesis
  6. They come in many different sizes
    Like people, moss balls come in every size imaginable, from the size of a pen tip, to the size of a tennis ball
  7. Static